What Size Frame Do I Need For A Mountain Bike?

What Size Frame Do I Need For A Mountain Bike

This short guide will answer your question of what size frame do I need for a mountain bike so read on.

Some people are quite intimidated by mountain bike riding. They do not know the perks of mountain bike riding. Riding a bike in tracks of the mountain with hurdles and obstacles is quite interesting and fascinating. For the one who loves mountain bike riding, mountain bikes are the most beautiful and precious thing. 

Types of Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are of several types according to a person’s preferences. The basic types of mountain bikes are six.

  1. Electric mountain bikes
  2. Cross Country mountain bike
  3. Trial bikes
  4. All mountain and enduro mountain bikes
  5. Downhill (DH) or Park mountain bikes
  6. Fat bikes.

These bikes are available for everyone regardless of gender and age. And it doesn’t matter what your riding ability is. 

Importance of Correct frame size

The most important thing about riding a mountain bike is getting the correct frame size of a mountain bike. People frequently ask, what size frame do I need for a mountain bike? The question is quite valid because choosing the wrong frame size can lead you to distress. It is often recommended not to buy a mountain bike unless you understand the mountain bike’s accurate size for your height, weight, and body shape. 

The right frame size of the mountain bike is certainly very important because if it is correct, it will make your ride joyous and make it easier for you to tackle the trails faster and get more control of your ride. If you have bought the mountain bike’s wrong frame size, the ride won’t be a joy ride but will be an uncomfortable, uneasy, and irritating ride. 

What are some other considerations?

Other than your size, your riding style also counts. If a rider doesn’t like to pop over the rough things on the track and plow through, he should get a bike with a longer reach. Similarly, if a rider is more into playful, active, and interesting writing and likes to get off the ground, and likes to whip their wheels around, they should go for bikes with a shorter reach.

What Size Frame Do I Need For A Mountain Bike

What Size Frame Do I Need For A Mountain Bike?

Frame categories:

The manufacturers have made a frame-sized chat for people to get to know their accurate frame size for the mountain bike. These size charts may have 5 or 6 categories. Some charts have small, medium, large, and extra-large, while some charts have extra-small sizes along with them.

Size chart.

SizeFrame size in inchesRiders height in centimetresRider height in feet and inchesFrame size  in centimetres 
Extra -small13 in -14in148 cm – 158cm4’10” – 5’2”33-37
Small14 in-16 in158 cm – 168 cm5’2” – 5’ 6”38-42
Medium16 in-18 in168 cm – 178 cm 5’ 6” – 5’10”43-47
Large18 in-20 in178 cm – 185 cm5’10” – 6’1”48-52
Extra -Large 20 in- 22 in185 cm – 193 cm6’1” – 6’ 4”53-57
XX- large23 in – 24 in193 cm – 198 cm6’4” – 6’ 6”58-61

In some stores, there is a separate chart for women. The sizes are a bit different from the basic chart. But there is no reason you shouldn’t try unisex mountain bikes.

Between sizes:

Some people can not fit in any of the sizes because they are between sizes. Such riders mostly ask what size frame do I need for a mountain bike? And their question is quite valid. They should go down or up a size to know their comfort. It usually depends on their riding style. There is also a method to know it. If your torso and arms are long for your height, you should go for a size up, and if your arms and torso are shorter, then go for a size down.  

How to measure it?

The perfect way to measure a mountain bike’s frame is to know the parts of a mountain bike like a seat, its tubes, its brackets, etc. Then measure the distance between the top of the seat tube and the centre of the bottom brackets.  You should note the measurements both in inches and centimetres and then measure the rider’s height in the same way and select the perfect frame size of a mountain bike.


Q # 1. How do you size a mountain bike frame?

It is usually categorized into 5 or 6 sizes. It can be measured by measuring the distance between the top of the seat tube and the bottom bracket centre. The distance will determine the ideal frame size for you.

Q # 2. What size mountain bike do I need for my height?

It would help if you bought a mountain bike according to your preferences and, most importantly, according to your height. Measure your height and then measure the bike’s frame and then search from the size chart that which mountain bike is suitable for you. 

Q # 3. What size mountain bike do I need?

It depends on your height and riding style. You can have x small, small, medium, large, x large, and xx-large. For example, if your height is between 5ft to 5ft 4 inches, then an extra small size is your size. Similarly, if your height is between 5ft 7 inches to 5ft 10 inches, then your size is medium, and so on. You can consultant the manufacturer or take help from a size chart.

Q # 4. What if my mountain bike is too small? 

That is the biggest problem any rider could face. If the bike is small, your ride will be uncomfortable and less efficient. Your movements will not be clean and clear.

Q # 5. What if my mountain bike is too big?

If the mountain bike is too big, there is no solution to it. You can not ride it. If your bike is too big, you have to buy a new one because you can’t balance it. 

The accurate bike size is very important for a mountain rider to ride comfortably. The sharp turns of the track can never be upheld if the bike size is not exact.

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