How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike?

How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike

When you start riding a mountain bike, you want to become proficient in it. The first step is buying a perfect mountain bike according to your height. Next, you have to learn how to ride a mountain bike. After experiencing this, you’ll become a smooth rider. The last step is performing stunts with the mountain bike. 

The dream of every mountain bike rider is to do a perfect wheelie. This question often comes to beginners’ mind how to wheelie a mountain bike because a wheelie makes your riding more fascinating, intriguing, and exciting. And who doesn’t love making every ride more adventurous?

And for this, you should know what a wheelie is. 

A wheelie is a kind of vehicle acrobatics. It is also known as a wheel stand. It is a wheel technique in which the front wheel of a bike comes off the ground in the air. This happens when adequate torque is applied on the rear wheel of the mountain bike or the rider’s motion relative to the vehicle.

Wheelies are also divided into broad categories. 

How to do a wheelie?

There are nine simple steps to do a perfect wheelie on a mountain bike:

  • Wear the helmet first because safety is important. We are in more danger than usual riding because a little imbalance can cause a huge accident. 
  • Choose a smooth and flat field to start with because it will help you to get confidence. 
  • Adjust your seat. Keep it low to sit on it while doing a wheelie because the sitting position is the best position for a wheelie. Sit properly and firmly so you may not slip back when your wheel is in the air. Practice it first on a standstill and then do a wheelie on your mountain bike.
  • First, start with a lower gear and try It so you may not fall off the bike. If you start with too high or too low gear, you will be difficult to move your bike and paddle it with adequate force to lift the rear wheel. You can shift gears to get the most comfortable position.
  • Moreover, set the cranks of a mountain bike at 11 o’clock and 5 o’clock position. It will help you to lift the wheel for a longer time with your initial paddling.
  • You should lift your weight forward. Stay sitting on the seat, bend your arms and move your upper body to the front towards the handles. It will help you create more force when you move backwards to change the centre of gravity and lift your rear wheel.
  • When you have done enough paddling and gained a certain speed, do a sharp movement and lean backwards quickly. And move the paddle with more speed simultaneously. Straightens your arms without pulling them back. Keep paddling at a constant pace so the wheel will be in the air for a longer time. For your safety, place your hand on the rear brake to apply it instantly when you feel that you are losing balance or bending too far backwards. 
  • This is the most important thing to understand while doing a wheelie on a mountain bike. You have to keep both vertical and sideways balance. Feather the front brake to maintain the vertical balance and flare your arms or knees out or turn the handles opposite to the position where the bike is leaning.
  • For putting the wheel back down, start leaning forward to maintain the weight to the centre. Do not lean too far forward; it will disturb your balance; try to learn slowly. And you will be back on the ground.
How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike

How to wheelie a mountain bike?

  • Put your mountain bike in middle gear and start moving paddle.
  • Hold the clutch with force.
  • Push your weight backward and pull handles back with you.
  • Balance yourself in this position and keep rolling.
  • Wheelie is an incredible and amazing thing to do while riding a mountain bike. But it would be best if you kept all the security measures because it can lead to an accident in case of carelessness.


Is it illegal to do a wheelie on a mountain bike?

Popping a wheelie on a mountain bike is not illegal. But if you hold a wheelie for more than 100 yards, it will be against gravity, and you may fall. So you should avoid doing that.

What is the best gear to wheelie in on the mountain bike?

Middle gear is the best gear to do a wheelie on a mountain bike. The best way is to put your bike in middle gear. When the front wheel is in gear, put your chest low and bend your arms towards the handles.

Do wheelies damage your mountain bikes?

Yes, it is possible. It can damage your mountain bike. It can wear off your tires. And sometimes damage the clutch and bearing system.

Is it easier to wheelie two strokes or four-strokes?

The two-stroke is much easier because it has more snap and less torque, and less controllable power bands. But four strokes wheelie have more snap and more torque, so it isn’t easy to handle it.

I hope this short post made you learn a few things on how to wheelie a mountain bike. With practice you can easily learn this. Make sure to take all neccessary precautions while you are learning this.

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