How To Measure Mountain Bike Frame Size?

How To Measure Mountain Bike Frame Size

In this post, I will be discussing how to measure mountain bike frame size so that you can find the right mountain bike of your choice. Mountain bike is off-road biking. Biking on tough tracks with a lot of hurdles is adventurous for a lot of people. Their favourite sport is mountain bike riding. These bikes are specifically made to run on difficult tracks. These bikes endure a lot. This sport requires endurance, stamina, strength, balance, self-independence, great durability, and high performance. One basic thing without which you can not ride a mountain bike properly is the proper size of a mountain bike.

The frame size of a bike is certainly the most significant thing about the mountain bike. The wrong size will make the ride uncomfortable, uneasy, awkward, and irritating. You can not handle a bike with the wrong frame size accurately. 

Right frame size 

Right frame size is the key to riding a mountain bike. The wrong size will destroy the joy of mountain bike riding. You should always know what is needed for you to know before getting a new mountain bike. The right size of mountain bike is which is according to hour height and body posture. Too small bikes are difficult to handle and would be less efficient and uncomfortable. 


The most asked question is how to measure mountain bike frame size? To measure the frame size of a mountain bike, you should know the components of the mountain bikes.

Some components are,

  1. Handlebars
  2. Break levers
  3. The stem
  4. Headset
  5. Fork and shock absorbers
  6. Grips
  7. Rims
  8. Front-wheel
  9. Tires
  10. Shifters
  11. Saddle
  12. Seat post
  13. The crankset

There are some others too, but they don’t hold that much importance. 


The first thing that is visible at first sight is the frame of a mountain bike. The frames consist of two main triangles. The front triangle has four tubes

  1. Seat tube
  2. Down tube
  3. Top tube
  4. Headtube

 The head tube is present at the front of the frame. That is a place where the cockpit component and fork components meet.

How To Measure Mountain Bike Frame Size

How To Measure Mountain Bike Frame Size?

There are six basic steps through which you can easily measure the frame of the mountain bike. These steps would help you to get a perfect size of mountain bike to enjoy your bike 

Measuring instruction

Instructions are important to get a perfect-sized mountain bike. H are some handy instructions that will make your experience better. 

  1. Identify the top seat tube of a mountain bike. The seat tube is the first triangle’s length through the bottom bracket—the place where the seat clamp holds the seat post.
  2. Identify the centre of the bottom bracket. It is the lowest bracket. It assembles the bearings. It connects the crankset to the mountain bike. It helps the crankset to move freely in every direction. And it is attached to the base of the stem that goes towards the pedal to the top of the saddle.
  3. Measure the distance between the two points, i.e. the top of the seat tube and the bottom bracket centre. 
  4. Note down all the measurements in both centimetres (cm) and inches (in) or to the nearest half of the inch (in).
  5. Take a size chart from any mountain bike store, website, or go to the manufacturers.
  6. Select the mountain bike size that fits your height from the chart. 


SizeFrame size in inches.Frame size in centimetres.Riders height in feet and inches.Riders height In centimetres.
Extra small13 in – 14 in33 cm – 37 cm4 ft 10 in – 5 ft 2in148 cm – 158 cm
Small14 in – 16 in38 cm – 42 cm 5 ft 2 in – 5 ft 6 in158 cm – 168 cm
Medium16 in – 18 in43 cm – 47 cm 5 ft 6 in – 5 ft 10 in168 cm – 178 cm
Large18 in – 20 in48 cm – 52 cm 5 ft 10 in – 6 ft 1 in178 cm – 185 cm
Extra-large20 in – 22 in53 cm – 57 cm 6 ft 1 in – 6 ft 4 in185 cm – 193 cm
XX-large23 in -24 in58 cm – 67 cm6 ft 4 in – 6 ft 6 in193 cm – 198 cm


Q # 1. How do you measure a bike frame size?

It is measured by measuring the frame from the centre of the crank axle to the seat tube’s top. It is usually measured in centimetres and sometimes in inches.

Q # 2. How do I know my mountain bike frame?

First, you have to measure your height then write it in inches and centimetres. Check the size chart given by the manufacturers, then choose the mountain bike according to your height.

  1. 4’11”- 5’3″ = 13-15
  2. 5’3”- 5’7” = 15-17 

And same like that.

Q # 3. What size is a 20-inch mountain bike?

If your mountain bike size is 20 inch, then it is an extra-large mountain bike. That is a between size number; it can also be in a large size section. The best method of selecting a bike, in this case, is to know your riding position and style. Sometimes it also depends upon the measurements of your torso and arms. 

Q # 4. Is it better to get a bigger mountain bike size or a smaller mountain bike size?

When we talk about a mountain bike’s sizing, it is also important to know about your torso and arms’ length. If you have a relatively long torso, you should get a bigger mountain bike to fit in naturally. Similarly, if you have a relatively small torso, then you should go for a smaller size. Sometimes your flexibility and movements of hips and it’s range should also be considered.

Q # 5. Should my feet touch the ground on mountain bike?

Yes, if you get a perfect mountain bike size according to your height, your feet should reach the ground. If it is not, then you don’t have a perfect size mountain bike.

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