How To Install A Kickstand On A Mountain Bike?

How To Install A Kickstand On A Mountain Bike?

A kickstand is a piece of metal attached to the back-bottom side of the bike that comes out and rests with the ground to keep the bike stable without the aid of anything. If you have a kickstand attached to your bike, you don’t have to put it against a wall or anything else. It is usually present in the middle towards the backside of the bike on the left side. 

So, if you want to know how to install a kickstand on a mountain bike on your own, this blog post is for you so read on..

Types of the kickstand.

Most commonly, there are two types of the kickstand for mountain bikes.

  1. Rear mount kickstand
  2. Center mount kickstand 

Rear mount kickstand: 

This type of kickstand is usually present on the backside, somewhere between the crank chain and rear wheel. It flips backwards hence called rear mount kickstand. It does come in between your feet while pedalling.

Center mount kickstand:

This type of kickstand is the most usual type and is found almost everywhere. The kickstand is attached to the centre of the bike by making a hole in the frame. It is placed in the centre so that it will not come in the way of disc brakes and so you could feel comfortable. 

 Mountain bikes usually don’t come with any kickstand. But some people prefer kickstand to make it easier to park their mountain bikes. So they usually ask how to install a kickstand on a mountain bike? It is very easy to install it by yourself. You need to know the basics and have all the required equipment. 

You need to follow the five simple steps.

Step # 1. 

Select your kickstand:

 You need to pick up the perfect kickstand for your mountain bike or any company or type you like. The company doesn’t matter, but your comfort does.

Step # 2

Select the position for your kickstand:

2nd step is the most important and crucial step in fixing the kickstand. You have to select the position on which your bike can maintain balance. The place should be clear on both sides so it may not get in the way of working the mountain bike. It would be best if you placed it on the lower side of the frame to touch the ground when you open it. In any case, your kickstand should not touch the tire of a mountain bike. Otherwise, all of your hard work will go to waste. 

Step # 3

Attach the bolts to the mountain bike:

Once you figure out the perfect position, your news will place the kickstand on the frame of a mountain bike. First, connect the bracket of the kickstand to your mountain bike. Check that the kickstand bracket has flanges, or else it will hit the back shift cable. The bracket will hold it attached to the frame when you are not using it.

Step # 4

Tighten up the bolts:

Take a wrench of 14 mm and tighten up all the bolts when placed in the desired position to fix the kickstand to the frame of the mountain bike. Rotate the bolt until it is fixed; if it is too loose, your kickstand will fall off and cause an accident. 

Step # 5

Test ride:

After successfully installing the kickstand on your mountain bike, take a test ride and check your kickstand 3 to 4 times. You can also take the kickstand out and spin your mountain bike on it. It will be you to tell how your kickstand works. Park your bike if it is balanced and working well; you’ve done a great job, bug. If it is unstable, then unscrew the bolt and repeat the process until you get perfection. 

How To Install A Kickstand On A Mountain Bike?


Can you put a kickstand on a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes usually don’t come with a kickstand because you can put it down in any laying position. It is a normal thing if you are riding a mountain bike just on tracks and trails. But if you are using it for another purpose like riding on streets, roads, or pavements, it is perfectly alright to install a mountain bike kickstand.

How do you stand up a bike without a kickstand?

There are several methods by which you can stand up a mountain bike without using a kickstand.
You can place the handlebar against anything to put it in a stable position like a wall, tree, or pole.
You can put your mountain bike on the floor upside down.
You can lock your mountain bike with a fence or railing by hooking its bar over it.
You can put the back wheel against the wall, pole, or tree. 
You can lean the rear and front parts of the mountain bike against anything like a wall, tree or, pole.

Is it ok to lay a mountain bike on its side?

If you are riding a mountain bike and want to stop somewhere to do rest or anything else and continue your journey again, place it against anything; if you don’t find anything near, never lay your bike on its driving side down. It will misalign the derailleurs of your mountain bike. And if you catch anybody doing this, tell them not to do this and install a kickstand.

Are kickstands the best bike stand?

Several companies manufacture good quality kickstands that are easy to fix. Some of them are
Park tool PCS -10 is known as a home mechanic repair stand.
Topeak PrepStand ZX
Feedback sports: sprint repair stand
Tacx cycle motion workstand T3075
X-tools home mechanic prep stand 
Xtreme S 1300 assembly stand 
Trivio wall withstand junior

How do you adjust a kickstand?

Hold the bike up by hanging it with something or ask a friend to hold it up for you in such a way that the bike is not resting on the stand. Use a wrench of 4 mm to loosen up the bolt of the stand a bit and push or pull the bottom part of the kickstand to make it shorter or longer according to your need. 

Mountain bikes don’t have a kickstand, but you can surely add one to yours so that you don’t have to put your mind on dirt. But make sure you’ve installed it perfectly, and It is not bothering your riding. 

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