How To Fit A Mountain Bike?

How To Fit A Mountain Bike

When you buy a mountain bike, it has a specific size. Everybody has a different height, size, weight, and body posture while riding a bike. So the bikes may not be perfectly suitable for everyone. Sometimes you need to make some changes to get the perfect mountain bike to enjoy your ride fully. So the question arises about how to fit a mountain bike?

To fit a mountain bike, you need to know some simple facts to get a perfect riding experience; you want to enhance the pedalling efficiency, you want to shift position from standing to sitting and vice versa comfortably, you don’t want any stress on your body parts due to riding a mountain bike. Yes, you might have to go through the hassle, but it is completely worth it. Some steps will help you to get to know how to fit a mountain bike. 

How To Fit A Mountain Bike

Know a perfect size

Sometimes it isn’t easy to get a proper size due to your physique. Maybe a bike is perfect for your height but may not be perfect for your body weight and riding postures. Not only the size but also if any of the parts of the frame are not according to you, you can suffer a lot. So little changes can help you a lot to get a perfect bike size. 

Sometimes the size varies from company to company. The medium for one company can be 14 inches bug for others, and it could be 16 inches or 17 inches. Instead of going for medium, large, or another size, measure your height and then measure the frame size and then select accordingly. 

There are some other parts of a mountain bike that you need to adjust according to your preferences. 

Sag adjustment:

Set the front tire of your mountain bike on a wheel cup. The first thing you have to do is check that the Front and rear axles of the mountain bike are at the same distance from the floor. If it is not, then adjust it first. Make your beat guess or go with the manufacturer’s recommendation to set the first preload on both axles. Sit on the bike, put your weight on it, and measure the sag of the bike. Now adjust it by changing preload accordingly.

Setting the cleat position:

Usually, riders who ride speedily want far forward cleat position but who like jumps and hurdles want it a little backward to get a smooth landing after a jump. So you have to adjust it according to your feet. The bony bump that is below the big toe should b directly over the axle of the pedal. 

Seat tilt setting:

The seat setting depends on the rider’s style; if the rider ride while sitting straight, then the tip of the seat can be tilted backwards. Similarly, if the rider rides by leaning towards the Front, then the saddle’s tip can be tilted forward to decrease the pressure on the crotch and provides a comfortable ride.

Adjusting Front – to – back position of the saddle 

Adjust the height of the saddle with the help of a string. Drop a plumb line past the rider’s foot; if it is present in the axle’s front, the seat should be moved back, but it should be moved forward if it falls in the middle of the pedal. 

Setting the position of handlebars

There is no specific rule in adjusting the handlebars. Its adjustment is just your comfort. The perfect combination Of aerodynamics, steering control, body comfort, and power transfer can give you stable control on handlebars. The thumb rule can help you to get perfection and comfort at the same time. 

Adjusting the shifter position and setting brake levers:

Firstly you have to set the position of the lever so you can easily grab it. It depends on the length of your fingers and the thickness of the palm tissues. So you can use different grips to reach the lever easily. The ideal distance is finger length.

Test ride.

You can go for a test ride to see if the adjustments are alright, or you have to change it a bit.

How To Fit A Mountain Bike


How do I fit myself for a mountain bike?

The easiest way to fit yourself on a bike is by using the book. Straddle the book up to the spine. And make a posture like you are sitting on the seat of a mountain bike. Do it against the wall and marks the point where the book meets the wall. Then measure the distance between the mark and the floor. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times to confirm the accuracy of measurement. 

Should I size up or down for a mountain bike?

Suppose you are between sizes; you need to choose a mountain bike according to your riding style. If you want sharp turns and quick moves, select a size-down mountain bike and foot from high speed and more stability, then select a size-up mountain bike. Most people who are between sizes usually size up and select the proper stem size. 

Should your feet touch the ground on a mountain bike?

Yes, your feet must touch the ground on a mountain bike. The size of the saddle is very important because it gives you the most comfortable position. If you buy a perfect size mountain bike, your feet touch the ground, the heels of your feet properly touch the ground when you sit on the saddle. That shows that your bike fits you perfectly.

How do you know if a bike fits you?

Riding a mountain bike is the most comfortable, satisfied, and smooth ride. If you don’t feel comfortable while riding a bike, you don’t have a perfect size bike. Suppose you feel numbness or swelling; if your hands, butt, or feet, there is something wrong. There is something about your bike that is doesn’t fit you properly. 

How do I determine the frame size?

Manufacturers have made a size frame chart to select the bike that fits you perfectly.  Mostly the mountain bikes are measures in inches. A rider’s size corresponds with the size of a mountain bike to determine the actual frame size for a particular rider. 

Every rider’s goal is to get a bike that perfectly fits him and thinks how to fit a mountain bike? Because the bike does not fit, you can never enjoy your ride.

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