How To Customize A Mountain Bike?

How To Customize A Mountain Bike

The purpose of this post is to help you understand how to customize a mountain bike.

Sometimes you buy a new mountain bike and are not satisfied with how it looks or have an old bike that you want to transform into a newly made bike. Customizing can do wonders; it may breathe a new life into your old-fashioned bike to make it look prettier than ever before. It is an effective way to spice up your ride. But the question is how to customize a mountain bike? You need to know some tips and tricks to make sure you’re never out of fashion. 

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How To Customize A Mountain Bike

Look changing

For changing the look of the mountain bike, you can do the following things. 

Covering the handlebars with a tape of any colour

Giving a new look to your bike and covering your handlebars with tape is the best and cheapest option. You can but take your desired colour from any store that sells bike accessories. Then you can wrap it all over the handlebars by yourself and create a new look. It will also give a better grip on your handlebars. 

Swapping the cap of the headset

To change the look of the mountain bike, you can swap the cap of a  headset. This cap covers the bolts, and usually, it is black. So you can spice it up by colouring it or by simply changing it. You can check the mountain bike manual to know the cap’s size or consult an employee of the local store and buy a new one with the desired colours and designs. You can screw it off and change it with a new one. 

Adding a saddlebag

Saddlebags are the best thing to add to mountain bikes because they look super classy and are very useful. You get extra space to put your stuff like a mobile phone, water bottles, or anything you want to take with you on a ride. You can get one for the mountain bike of your choice. These bags are of different styles and sizes. You can get one with customized prints and colours. 

Buy a decal

Decals are the fanciest and the cheapest way to upgrade your bike to make it more like you. You can buy any decal and apply it. You don’t he to spend your money and time on painting something on the mountain bike. You can paste your name, the name of your beloved one, your pet, any quote, or any brand you like. Even anything that represents you likes your interests and hobbies.

Change the seat of a mountain bike

Changing the style of the seat of a mountain bike or entirely replacing it with the new one is easy customization. There are several kinds of cushioning you can go for

  • Foam cushioning 
  • Gel cushioning 
  • Leather cushioning

These cushioning will provide a new and fresh look to your bike. 

How To Customize A Mountain Bike

Change the paint or apply a new coat of paint

Painting your bike in a new colour will give it a new look. It may be time-consuming, but it is worth it. You can also clean your bike and can get rid of any imperfection. 


 You can customize your mountain bike by adding various accessories 

  • Bells and horns
  • Cages and water bottles
  • Led lights 
  • Indicators
  • Customized pedals

New handlebars

New handlebars can give a unique look to your bike; it will feel new even while riding. New grips can give you a more firm grip. There are many types of handlebars that you can use to customize your mountain bike

  • Flat handlebars
  • Riser bars
  • Bullhorns
  • Drop bars

All these bars can look good; it just depends on your preferences. But you have to make sure that it does not affect the overall performance of the mountain bike. 


Is it cheaper to build a mountain bike?

A custom build is expensive than a prebuilt mountain bike because they have all parts that you like. You can get whatever you like. If you are free and have the equipment, you can do it for yourself, but you can build it with the parts you want on your mountain bike if you have the money. If you buy a prebuilt, you still have to spend money on it if you want to upgrade it.

How can I design my bike?

You need the parts of the bike to design your bike. These parts are
The fork
The quill stem
Break levers
The brakes

When you get all these parts, you can assemble them and create a custom build mountain bike.

Can you build your bike?

Yes, you can build your mountain bike yourself. If you are a mechanical engineer or metal expert, don’t try to make frames and other components; instead, take ready-made components and frames of your choice and then put them together. Otherwise, you won’t get a perfect structure of a mountain bike.

Is it hard to assemble the mountain bike?

It is neither easy nor difficult to assemble the mountain bike. If you get a mountain bike that comes in a box from the factory, it is easy to assemble it. It comes with all the descriptions and tips. And some come with a booklet to guide you in every step. It can be done in almost one hour. But if you buy every component by yourself and want to put them together. It is a bit difficult in doing so you have to study every component, and you have to buy a lot of tools, and it will cost you a fortune.

How long does it take to assemble a bike?

If you are assembling your mountain bike for the first time, it may take one or two hours depending upon your knowledge about tools because you have to know about the procedure and tools. But if you practice, it hardly takes twenty minutes because you don’t have to assemble it and adjust every part according to the rider.

 Customizing a mountain bike is the perfect way to make your mountain bike look good. Sometimes it takes a lot of money to upgrade it, but sometimes you can use simple and cheap things, and your bike look fresh and new.

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