How to Clean A Mountain Bike?

How to Clean A Mountain Bike

If you want to know how to clean a mountain bike, I will explain to you in this short post.

If you are a mountain bike lover, you already know which mountain bike is best for you. The one that is exactly of your size and that fits you perfectly. Once you have brought a perfect size mountain bike, you can start your adventure of mountains. When you go to the tracks, the tracks are filled with soil, mud, dirt, and other things. That makes a bike dirty. A dirty bike can never run as fast and smooth as a clean mountain bike.

So cleaning the bike is very important. The most common question about this is, how to clean a mountain bike? The answer is quite simple. But the first thing we should know is that how do we know that our bike is dirty?

And how often do they need cleansing?

Time intervals

You should maintain and clean your infrequent bike intervals of months. It is usually said that you should clean your bike after every 20 to 25 rides or less. And you should remove mud and dirt daily after your ride to make it keep functioning for long.

To keep the performance of a bike high as the rider must get an adventurous ride. 

Dirty mountain bike

There are some clear symptoms that our bike needs maintenance. Some of them are here,  

  1. When your mountain bike starts squeaking.
  2. When you feel difficulty in changing the gears of your bike.
  3. When you find it difficult to apply the break.
  4. When you see rust on your bike.
  5. When you know, it’s been a long time since you changed the chain.
  6. When you can see that your bike is dirty and full of mud and dirt.

Basic supplies that you need to clean.

Seven simple things are needed to clean the mountain bikes properly. 

  1. Clean rags: you should keep a lot of clean rags to clean your mountain bike. To remove wax, grease, oil, and other such things.
  2. Brushes: you would need a lot of different brushes to clean and reach those places that are difficult to reach, to remove the grime that washing alone can not get. You can also wear old toothbrushes. 
  3. Water: you will need plenty of water in cleaning the mountain bike. But it would be best if you were very careful about using water. Water with high pressure coming from the hose can cause damage to delicate parts and the bearing system of the mountain bike.
  4. Soap or general cleaner:  you should use mild soap, most preferably diluted dishwashing, or pre-formulated bike wash cleaner for frame cleaning. 
  5. Degreaser: to clean the chains of the mountain bikes, you will need a good quality degreaser. Use bikes the specific degreaser. Always use an environmentally friendly degreaser that lacks kerosene or turpentine. And it would be best if you always disposed of all the solvents properly.
  6. Chain lubricant: you’ll chain lubricant to extend the life of diversion of your mountain bike. 
  7. Bike stand: this will help you to stand the bike on a comfortable level. 
How to clean a mountain bike

How to Clean A Mountain Bike?


People often ask how to clean a mountain bike; the answer is, in 9 simple steps. These steps are given below.

  1. Find a proper place to wash the mountain bike
  2. With the help of brushes, clean all the mud and other residues.
  3. Scrub the parts of a bike.
  4. Clean with mild soap.
  5. Use a degreaser on chains to remove all the grease.
  6. Clean the cassette and other components. 
  7. Wash the tires with water.
  8. Dry your mountain bike properly.
  9. Lube the parts of the bike.

Mountain bikes are meant to be lovingly abused and to ride on a rocking pavement. It is not supposed to be placed in the shinning place or to be ridden on fancy pavements. So it should get dirty from time to time. And it’s maintenance is also very important.


Q # 1. Is it okay to wash my bike?

You can wash your mountain bike after a month. Washing it frequently would be a bad idea because it will rust out quickly. And you should always thoroughly clean it with water of low pressure to ensure that no soap is left there.

Q # 2. Should you clean your mountain bike after every ride?

After a few rides or after your ride in the rain on the muddy track, we can clean our mountain bike. We can wash it with water without using pressure. We should not use detergents or power washers on our bikes daily; otherwise, it will cause damage to your bike.

Q # 3. Can I pressure wash my mountain bike?

No, you can not pressure wash your mountain bike. If you do it after 4 or 5 washes, your bike will be unable to ride because it will damage the bearing system. The bike’s bearing system is very sensitive and delicate, and due to pressure, it may break or be displaced. So it is not a good idea at all.

 Q # 4. Can I use wd40 on the bike chain?

Yes, you can use wd40 on the bike chain. First, you should wash your bike properly and remove all the dirt and mud. Then spray the degreaser and let it rest, and do its deed. The degreaser will remove the grease properly.

Q # 5.Can I clean my bike with dish soap?

Yes, you can clean your bike with dish soap. But it should not be a power cleanser, and it should be a mild soap. However, dawn cleans, and cut grease are easily available everywhere. 

Summing Up

It is very necessary to keep your mountain bike clean. It will improve its lifetime. It will extend the life of the parts of the mountain bike; hence it will save a huge amount of money.  A rider develops a certain feeling of affection with his bike, and this feeling is unmatched. It will work like a brand new bike. So cleaning your bike at regular intervals is the easiest way to keep your bike feeling brand new.

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