How To Clean A Mountain Bike In 15 Minutes?

How To Clean A Mountain Bike In 15 Minutes

When you ride a mountain bike, it often gets dirty. You have to clean it to ride it again smoothly. But cleaning the mountain bike after the ride you enjoyed can feel like a buzz kill. But it is very important so you can not skip it either. Sometimes it feels like it will take forever to clean the mountain bike properly. In this fast world, everything should be quick and perfect. So riders want to know how to clean a mountain bike in 15 minutes?

Don’t get me wrong, but 15 minutes are enough to clean the mountain bike. You need to follow some simple steps to clean the mountain bike in minimum time properly. 

How To Clean A Mountain Bike In 15 Minutes?

Get your bike dirty

The first step is to ride your mountain bike and get it dirty, so you have a reason to wash and clean your mountain bike. Please don’t wash your bike frequently; it can damage the sensitive components, so only wash it when dirty or muddy.

A place to wash

It would help if you found a suitable place to wash your mountain bike. A place where you can find water easily, a hose will be better. 


Finding a perfect hose is not easy because you can not use any pipe to wash your mountain bike. Pressure control is very important. If the water pressure is too high, it will damage the bearing system and other sensitive parts of the mountain bike.


If you are a frequent bike rider, you should buy a set of brushes to clean the mountain bike properly. You can also use old brushes that are already present at your home. The purpose is to clean the mountain bike, and old brushes can also do this.

Scrubbing various parts

The next step is to scrub all the parts of the mountain bike with brushes. You can also use soap to degrease various parts. You must have three kinds of brushes

  • Big brush (to scrub the frame easily)
  • A medium-sized brush with hard bristles (this brush is used to clean the areas that are hard to reach and strong bristles clean these areas easily)
  • A small and soft brush (this brush is for cleaning of chain and cassette because these areas are very sensitive) 

Cleaning of bike chain

Clean the chain with the help of a brush and also decrease it to remove all the grease. 

Washing of cassette

Wash and clean the cassette thoroughly. Use water and brush to clean the chainrings and derailleurs. It will improve the performance of the mountain bike.

Skipping tires

Because you are cleaning your mountain bike in just 15 minutes, there is no need to clean it by scrubbing each part. Just use a water hose to remove all the mud on the tires, and it will work pretty fine. Because when you are going to put the bike back in the garage, the tires will be dirty again. So instead of scrubbing the tires, wash them.

Drying the bike

After cleaning each part of the mountain bike, dry it quickly. You can use a towel or a piece of cloth. Bump your bike side to side to remove the water from the head of bolts to prevent them from rusting out.


In the end, lubricate the chain and other moving parts of the mountain bike. And remove excess lube from the components. 

How To Clean A Mountain Bike In 15 Minutes


What is the best way to clean a mountain bike?

The best way to clean your mountain bike is to use simple cleaning things like water, rinse, and brushes. First, you have to clean your bike with simple water to remove any dirt from the bike. Then scrub different components with the help f brushes. Clean the cassette thoroughly. Clean the chain with any degreaser. After thoroughly cleaning the bike, lubricate the chain and bearings of the bike.  And in the end, dry your bike. And your bike will look fresh as new. 

Can I use WD – 40 on the bike chain?

No, you should never use WD – 40 on the chain of a mountain bike. Some people use it as a lubricant because of its texture, but it is a degreaser and a rust dissolver. You can use it to clean the rust out of the chain and degrease it, but you have to lubricate it afterwards; otherwise, your chain could not move, and it will damage your chain.

Should I wash my mountain bike after every ride?

It is not compulsory to wash a mountain home after every ride. You can clean it with a cloth if there is dust. But you can wash it after 5 to 6 rides. Or it would be best if you washed it after any ride when you caught up in the rain. Cleaning your bike with water daily can cause rust on the metal components and can damage your bike. While using water, keep in mind that never use an industrial-grade power washer; it will damage the mountain bike’s sensitive parts.

How often should you oil the bike chain?

If you ride your mountain bike daily or frequently, oiling the mountain bike chain would be a good thing to do. Oiling the chain of the bike will provide benefit to the drive chain. The bike tutors and mechanics usually recommend oiling the chain of your bike after a month. If you are not a frequent rider, you can oil it after 28 or 29 rides.  

Can a rusty bike chain be saved?

Yes, for sure. Rusty bike chains can be saved easily. If the hour chain is only suffering surface rust, you can use lime juice as a rust dissolver or use WD – 40 to restore your bike chain and make it shiny and rust-free. After removing rust, you have to attach it again to the bike and lubricate it. Then you can ride your mountain bike with an old but shiny bike chain. 

Cleaning the mountain bike is very important to maintain its performance. Mountain bikes are meant to be dirty and be ridden on mud, and dirt trails, so go for a ride and get dirty because now you know how to clean a mountain bike in 15 minutes?

So enjoy every ride.

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