How To Build A Mountain Bike Track?

How To Build A Mountain Bike Track

Mountain bikes are getting more popular with each day passed. Most of the United kingdom areas don’t have already built or natural mountain bike tracks. It puts the mountain bike riders in great difficulty. Practising on a track holds paramount importance if you want to ace mountain biking.

But the question is how to build a mountain bike track?

It’s not as easy as it may seem, but you can make one by yourself if you follow these steps. 

How To Build A Mountain Bike Track

Following are some easy steps to do if you want to learn how to build a mountain bike track:

Step # 1: suitable location

If you are in the city, it is the most difficult step for you. You have to find a suitable place where you can build a mountain bike track. It should not be too far from your house because in that case, you’ll already be tired when you reach the track. So choosing a perfect location for a mountain bike is very important. If you want a faster track, the clearing for the track should be wider and vice versa.

Always take permission from the authorities before making the track if you don’t own the place. Always keep in mind who can use your trail and who can not, so choose the location accordingly.

Step # 2: marking the path

Sketch the map and take a round of the complete area that you’ve selected for your track. Walk on the part that you’ve selected and check if it is suitable for the bike. The turns aren’t too sharp, and the hills aren’t too high. You can even build them up according to your choice.

Step # 3: build the track

Take some important tools like shovel, handsaw, clippers, a site, etc. Remove all the trees, bushes, or plants in your path with these tools’ help. Now fire up the path to remove the remaining grass and other things. It is not compulsory to fire up everything; it’s just that you can see the trail easily. 

Step # 4: remove imperfections

Remove extra dirt and soil from the clearing; if the clearing is way too imbalanced, you can maintain it up by removing from one side and adding it to the other. You can add jumps by adding soil.

Step # 5: add hurdles and other stuff

You can add jumps, berms, rollers, bridges, whatever you want to add to your track to make it more interesting. You can cut out a hill to make berms, add wooden bridges or flat wood pieces that can work as a bridge in your track to make your ride more interesting.

Step # 6: test ride

Take a test ride to know if everything is perfect. If it is not, then fox the problem. Take your friends with you and ride for about two hours on the track so the dirt would sit. If you feel that your track is very bumpy, then it’s okay to after 6 to 7 rides; it will settle down and will become smooth and easy to go.

Step # 7: maintenance

Maintenance is very important for everything, so is for your mountain bike track. If you see any problem with the track, fix it immediately. Because if you neglect it at that time, it can cause a severe accident. Keep checking the track from time to time, especially after a rainstorm. If you see huge puddles or the dirt off the track is dispatched, fox it before anyone could use it. Keep an eye on the wooden bridges. Please make sure they are fine and strong and would not break when someone is riding on them.

Removing the track

Maybe after some time, you don’t need that track anymore, or you are shifting from that place; it is very easy to remove that; just let the grass grow again, and there will be no track within two months.

How To Build A Mountain Bike Track


How much does it cost to build a mountain bike trail?

Building your mountain bike trail can cost you almost 2 – 5 GBP per foot, making 11k – 18k GBP per mile. But if you go for foundation jacks, it will cost you about 7 – 10 GPB per foot, making almost 60 GPB per mile. 

Is it cheaper to build your mountain bike?

No, building your mountain bike by yourself is more expensive than buying a complete mountain bike. But if you buy a complete bike, you only get what the company offers; you can not have what you want. But if you buy the mountain bike components and then assemble them, it will give you what you want. And you can have the mountain bike of your desire.

How to build the mountain bike ramp?

First, select the path where you want to ride a mountain bike. Take some obstacles with you, like some ramping benches, some wood pieces that can work as a ramp, etc. Clear the area and arrange things accordingly. Clean if there is any rubbish. Once you have arranged the ramp, take a test ride, and if something feels off, change the setting according to it.

What is the material for a ramp?

The concrete ramps are the best because they can go for a long run with little maintenance once you have made them. It is the permanent solution to your ramp problem. However, you can make steel and aluminium ramps too. They could be used in construction. But if you are going for less expensive things, then lumber ramps are your thing. They are durable and the least expensive ramps.

How do you calculate the length of a ramp?

In three simple steps, you can calculate the exact length of a ramp.

Measure the total rise of a ramp that how many inches it is higher than the ground.
Measure the length of the slope in inches.
Divide the total rise with the slope. And you can get the length of a ramp.

It is very important to have a comfortable mountain bike track if you want to enjoy your ride every time. If you are a true mountain bike rider, you should know how to make a mountain bike track? If you can’t find one near you. 

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