How To Adjust The Front Gears Of A Mountain Bike?

How To Adjust The Front Gears Of A Mountain Bike

Mountain bike gears are the first thing you have to maintain now and enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding experience. If your gears are not smooth or face problems in shifting gears, it can be too frustrating. But you can ease it by adjusting your gears. But the question is how to adjust the front gears of a mountain bike?

The answer is quite simple.

By following some simple steps, you can get what you desire.

How To Adjust The Front Gears Of A Mountain Bike?

Step # 1: 

The first step is to remove the cable. For doing this, put your mountain bike in the lowest or smallest gear; with the help of a screwdriver, screw the cable adjuster that is present on the gear lever. Remove the bolt that is securing the cable in its place and remove the whole cable from it.

Step # 2:

Check that the front gear is resembling the chainring. Also, note that the distance between the derailleur’s outer plate and the biggest chain wheel is about 2mm. If there is a difference in the distance, unbolt the clamp and fix the gears. You can loosen up the clamp or tighten it up.

Step # 3:

Adjust the adjusting a crew of inner side when the chain is present on the largest cog adjust it so that the chain shifts to the smallest chainring in the middle of the gears’ side plates.  Now you can adjust it according to your need.

Step # 4: 

In the back cassette, put the chain in the smallest cog, pull the front derailleur so that the chain moves to the largest chainring of the front side while you are pedalling the bike slowly with your hand, and now the chain is again in the centre. Now you can get this by screwing and unscrewing the adjusting screw present in the derailleur’s body.

Step # 5:

Pedal the mountain bike so that it returns to the smallest chainring. Now set its position again, adjust the cable to secure the bolt with a screwdriver’s help, and tighten it properly.

Step # 6: 

Place the bike above the ground and put the chain in the largest cog of the back, and test its front derailleur by letting the chain move from the smallest ring to the next and then to the next ring. 

Do this step by placing the crank arm at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. That will show you if there is any bend in the chainring that is causing difficulty in changing the gears. If you notice that whole shifting the gears, the chain falls off from the lower gears them you have to adjust the inner derailleur. 

Step # 7:

For the next step, put the chain on the lowest cog of the back and let the chain move from the middle chainring to the largest chainring one by one. Do this by placing the crankset arm at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. You can now check where the chain is falling off. If you notice that the chain is falling off from the front of the chainring, then you have to adjust the outer derailleur with a screw.

Step # 8:

If you notice that the derailleur is changing the gears to slow them, you have to adjust the cable on the gear lever body slightly. You have to loosen it up a bit and then test it. After adjusting everything, check every bolt. Secure them tight properly. Now you can go for the test ride. If you still feel something is off them, check everything again. You can use a manual or can also get help from a mechanic.

How To Adjust The Front Gears Of A Mountain Bike


How do you short front gears on the mountain bike?

In some bikes, the mountain bike’s liver is shifted on the side until a click is heard. But in some bikes, it is controlled by the flat bars. Set paddles are used to shift gears present on the handlebars and are operated by the thumb. There are gear shifters in some modern mountain bikes from which you can easily change or shift gears. Few bikes also have a dial present to the inside, where you can handle it easily.

Why is my front derailleur not shifting?

It is the most common problem of the derailleurs.  Sometimes the derailleurs do the wrong shifting, and sometimes they do not shift at all. There are some reasons why it happens. 
The body of the derailleur is not present in its perfect position.
The limit screws of the derailleur are not properly adjusted, either too loose or too tight.
The mountain bike mechanism is dirty, or there is something present in the mechanism that is limiting its actions.
The cable may be damaged.
Sometimes the cable may have the wrong tension. 

How tight should the front derailleur cable be?

The cable should be too tight. You have to keep turning it until it can not be turned again. If it is still not tight enough, use a barrel adjuster down before adjusting the cable. Then open the barrel up until the cable is correct. So you can tight the front derailleur cable to adjust it.

What is the easiest gear on the mountain bike?

The easiest gear of the mountain bikes is the lowest gear on the smallest ring of the chainset. It is the mountain bike mechanism that the bigger chainring is difficult to pedal, and the smaller chainring is easier to pedal. The rings determine the gears of the bike. 

How do I know if my bike Is 10 or 11 speed?

You can measure the speed of your bike by following simple steps.
Calculate the number of front gears of your mountain bike. 
Calculate the number of rear gears of the mountain bike.
Then multiply the number of front gears with rear gears to get to know the mountain bike’s speed.

Adjustment of the mountain bike’s gears is very important; you can not get a comfortable and satisfactory ride when your chain is falling off, or you can not change gears. By following these simple steps, now you know how to adjust the mountain bike’s front gears? 

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