Best Mountain Bike Lights Under 100

Best Mountain Bike Lights Under 100

Mountain biking is fun. Hardcore bikers with years of experience do mountain biking to test their skills and push their boundaries even further. But the thing with mountain biking is that it should only be done when you’ve taken all safety precautions. One of the most important things for mountain biking is your bike light. When mountain biking, you ride on uneven trails. So the need for bright light for your bike is more than ever before. 

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When buying a bike light, bikers go through difficulty as there are hundreds of companies and a myriad of products. While this is a good thing as you get many options to choose from, it’s also confusing for customers. 

Fortunately for you, our experts have shortlisted the best mountain bike lights under 100. They chose their lights after testing them for weeks, so their hands-on experience led them to recommend these mountain bike lights for you. 

Best Mountain Bike Lights Under 100

Touhuhot LED Bike Light

Touhuhot is a relatively obscure name in the bike lighting industry. Still, the company is slowly making its name by manufacturing top-notch bike lights and offering them at very reasonable prices. Its Touhuhot LED Bike Light is one of the company’s highest-selling offerings and is our experts’ pick for the best mountain bike lights under 100. Let’s find out what makes it so special!

Touhuhot LED Bike Light has an extraordinary light output. When it comes to brightness, no bike light can beat Touhuhot LED Bike Light. It’s up there as one of the brightest bike lights in the market. It’s so bright that it would amazingly illuminate the unlit roads to help you see things. The three lights max out at an astonishing 4000 lumens, which is far more than what you need for mountain biking. Using this light, you’d be able to see up to as far as 600 meters. Amazing! Isn’t it?

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While this dazzling light illuminates the dark areas and unlit roads at night, it will also make you stand out in the daytime. To put things briefly, this is one of the brightest bike lights available in the market.

As far as its battery is concerned, the three lights in the Touhuhot LED Bike Light are powered with 18650 mAH batteries. On a single charge, these batteries will easily give you more than 15 hours of use. This is enough for daily commuting as well as mountain biking. You can even go for a long ride or a full day mountain biking with your buddies, and these extremely powerful batteries won’t let you down. And yes, like every other bike light, you expect a bike light of this price category to be USB rechargeable.

Thankfully, you got it here. You can charge it conveniently via a USB cable. All you need to do is plug it into your power bank, solar panel, or computer on your desk, and it will charge quickly in just 2 hours. The cool thing here is that it can also charge your phone.

The Touhuhot LED Bike Light is the best of both worlds when it comes to the build quality. Unlike the company’s far more expensive rivals, the Touhuhot LED Bike Light is made of high-quality aluminum to give a premium feel. That’s why using it doesn’t feel distinctly different from using the very best light for your bike. And yes, it’s resistive to corrosion as it’s made of aluminum.

Furthermore, it has got exceptional impact resistance and heat dissipation. So it’s up there in the durability department as well. Apart from build quality, its amazing design will float your boat. It will give an elegant look to your bike. 

Another thing that makes Touhuhot LED Bike Light stand tall against its competition is that it has nine lighting modes. These modes include strong light, medium light, low light, fast flash, slow flash, and many more. You can switch to any mode according to battery level and your preference according to light conditions.

Of course, higher brightness levels consume more battery. If you choose the strong light mode, the battery will last 15 hours. However, the battery would last 21 hours if you go with the low light mode. Moreover, this bike light is versatile. You can take it camping, hiking, night walks, and whatnot? 

A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer backs Touhuhot LED Bike Light. If it breaks or stops working, you can return it to the company and get your money back. 

Reasons to Buy It:

  • Brilliant light output.
  • Powerful batteries.
  • Amazingly durable and waterproof.
  • Nine light modes.
  • Cool design.
  • A lifetime warranty backs it.
Best Mountain Bike Lights Under 100

Comparison with Other Bike Lights:

Our experts tested dozens of lights to bring you the best mountain bike under 100. Another light that our experts liked is the Victagen Bike Light. But the main reason why it’s not the winner is that our experts had durability concerns. Moreover, some users complained about its battery capacity too.

Victagen US Rechargeable Bike Light

Another brand that we tested is Vastfire Mountain Bike Light. The elephant in the room is that it’s not easy to install. Furthermore, some users complained that it stopped working. 

VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Lights


Exceptional Performance

When it comes to light output, Touhuhot LED Bike Light is secondary to none. Its bright light illuminates unlit roads, and you’d be able to see things easily. 


Touhuhot LED Bike Light is highly durable and has exceptional build quality. It’s waterproof and ideal for uneven surfaces. It would be an ideal option on rainy days.

Powerful Batteries

Powerful batteries are another plus point in the Touhuhot LED Bike Light. What’s the point of shelling out money to buy a bike light that can’t even give you 13 to 15 hours of use. Buy Touhuhot LED Bike Light, and rest assured that its batteries won’t die out. You can also switch to a low-light mode to save your battery.


Since this is an extreme bike light, there are so many options. This makes it a bit difficult to operate. Non-techies may have a hard time operating it.


If you want a durable bike light that is good in every department, look no further than the Touhuhot LED Bike Light. Its light output is great, and it delivers full value for your money.

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