Best Budget Bike Lights

Best Budget Bike Lights

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This is an unbiased review of best budget bike lights available online.

Whether you’re a hardcore biker or ride your bike only for commuting, a bike light is a must for your bike. You may be a skilled rider who has years of experience, but you still need a light for your bike that will illuminate the unlit paths for you. Not only does a good bright light help you see clearly, but it also makes you visible to other riders when riding at night, thus saving you from accidents.

Furthermore, riding without bike lights at night is illegal in the USA, and you’d have to pay the penalty if you’re found riding without lights. It could even see you behind bars. Long story short, you have to have a light for your bike.

However, things are not as simple for customers as they may seem. The obvious reason for this is that hundreds of companies offer thousands of products, making it quite confusing for a customer. But don’t worry! The good news for you is that our experts have used many bike lights to recommend you the best budget bike lights. 

Best Budget Bike Lights

Here is our pick for the best budget bike lights.

Product NameWeightUSB Rechargeable
Velmia Bike Light Set  100 grams  Yes  
Teshudi Bike Light Set  120 grams  Yes  
BV Bicycle Light Set  0.2 pounds    Yes  

Velmia Bike Lights Set:

Velmia Fahrradlichter Set StVZO zugelassen mit USB Akku-Betrieb und 8,5h Leuchtdauer I LED Fahrradlicht Set regenfest und aufladbar I Fahrrad Licht
  • Rechargeable and strong battery – the bicycle light is quick and easy to recharge, with a light duration of up to 8.5 hours of exciting journeys later hour.
  • Easy display and operation – The LED indicator of the bicycle light shows the battery charge level and the luminosity, which is adjustable to 15, 30 or 70 lux depending on the lighting conditions of the environment.
  • Waterproof LED bicycle light – the lighting is not only waterproof according to the international IP protection class IPX4, but also regulates the luminosity automatically depending on the brightness of the environment.
  • StVZO compliant and click assembly – The bicycle light set is approved for German road traffic according to the German road traffic regulations and can be mounted in just a few seconds thanks to the click system.
  • Customer-oriented start-up – Velmia stands for the future of cycling and offers you in addition to high-quality bicycle products as well as reliable, German-speaking customer service.

Velmia is a well-known name in the bike lights industry. The company specializes in manufacturing quality bike lights that are not heavy on the wallet either, and the customers are all for it. Offering top-notch products at surprisingly affordable prices has been Velmia’s winning formula, and its bike light set retains that formula. It has some amazing features and delivers tons of value for the money, making it our choice for the best budget bike lights.

Now talking about its performance, its light output is amazing. It is the ultimate combination of great lumen output and a wide and consistent beam pattern. The beam has a long-distance reach that will enable you to see things clearly from a long distance.

It’s so bright that it won’t be far from the truth to say that half of its brightness is enough for commuting. If you bike a lot at night, rest assured that the company has lived up to the promise of “ultra-bright.”

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Furthermore, the light is also not harsh at all. You’d find it pleasing to your eyes. So thumbs up for you in the brightness department.

Coming to its build quality, the Velmia bike lights set is well built and amazingly durable. Many bikers are skeptical about purchasing bike lights because most bike lights are not durable enough to be used on uneven surfaces. A splash of water, and it’s game over for your bike light! Fortunately, that’s not the case here as it is completely waterproof. It has military-level durability, which is ideal for mountain biking.

You can use it for years if you keep it with care. Apart from that, it weighs next to nothing as its total weight is 100 grams only. So it would be good friends with your bike. It won’t be a problem while mountain biking also. 

Its battery is one of the most powerful batteries of this price bracket. The thing with most of the bike lights is that their batteries don’t last long. But in Velmia bike light, you get a long-lasting battery that lasts for more than 8 hours. No matter how long your journey is, this powerful battery won’t die out.

However, the tail light is not powered by an impressive battery. It’s not the best, but it’s not terrible either. But that’s not a downgrade because tail lights’ batteries, in general, tend to be less powerful than the ones in the headlight. 

The battery is USB rechargeable. You can now charge it from anything via USB cable, such as your power bank, solar panel, computer, etc. And you won’t even have to buy the cable separately as it’s included in the package. 

The Velmia bike light has been manufactured meticulously for bikers. Its LED display is a good example of that. For your convenience, this bike light comes with an LED display that displays the battery level of light and brightness mode. Now you won’t have to guess the battery life anymore, thanks to this display.

Furthermore, you can switch to any of the four brightness modes. On Velmia bike lights, you get the luxury of adjusting the brightness level according to the lighting conditions and battery level. If you don’t want to do it yourself, it will automatically adjust to the appropriate brightness mode according to the lighting conditions. Seriously, bike lights were never this convenient.

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Reasons to Buy Velmia Bike Lights Set:

  • Exceptional light output.
  • Powerful USB rechargeable battery.
  • Sleek design.
  • Four brightness modes.
  • Intelligent lighting. 
  • LED display.
  • Sturdy.

Comparison with a Few Other Bike Lights:

Our experts tested a wide range of bike lights to recommend the best budget bike lights. They liked some bike lights also, but those lights were not good in every department. 

Our experts tested the BV Bicycle Lights Set. This is one of the cheapest bike lights set in the market, and you get what you pay for. Its light output is okayish, and it’s also difficult to install. That’s why our experts didn’t choose it. However, you can go for it if you have a thin wallet.

BV Bike lights Bicycle Light Set, Super Bright Cycling Front and Rear Lights, 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED Taillight, 3 Light Modes, Quick-Release
  • super bright cycling light set5 led headlight,3 led taillight, illuminates 30-40 feet range road in the dark.
  • ipx3 waterproof materialbest for outdoor activities like hiking, running, camping and riding. great emergency light. multiple lighting modes and quick-release design makes it easy and quick to be used as emergency flashlight.
  • lighting modeheadlight has 3modes: steady-flash-chasing-off; taillight has 3 modes: steady-flash-chasing-off. cut-away design allows light through the sides for more visibility.
  • easy installationquick-release design on both headlight and taillight, quick attach and detach in seconds.
  • note for usage 4 aaa battery needed(not included) for headlight and 2 aaa battery needed(not included) for taillight. battery life up to 80 hours.

Another light that our experts tested is Teshudi Bike lights set. It’s another highly popular bike lights set, but our experts didn’t recommend it because many users had concerns regarding its battery. It didn’t clear our experts’ durability tests either, which was the deal-breaker for us. 

Teshudi Bike Light Set, Rechargeable Bike Lights Front and Back, Super Bright Bicycle Lights, Instant Install, Fits All Bikes, 4 Light Mode, Waterproof, Lightweight, Durable
  • Four Light Mode Options: Supports full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing and slow flashing mode. Easy to detach and suitable for camping, walking dogs or outdoor adventure activities.You can use it for multiple purposes.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Universal design mount, make one size to fit all kinds of bike, your stroller, mower, snow blower, skateboard, wheelchair, motorcycle, trike, BBQ grill, scooter, ebike, boat, kayak, and more. Can be installed in 7 seconds. Perfect gift for family & friends.
  • Waterproof & Light Weight-- Fully enclosed design to protect the cycling light set from rainy days, even the USB port is completely covered, making it convenient to use in different weather conditions. The shell of the light weight and sturdy ensures stable performance, which is very important when you ride on complex terrain.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.


These are some of the plus points of Velmia bike lights set.


The thing that we like the most about this bike light is its durability. Its highly durable nature makes it one of the most reliable bike lights in the market. As a cherry on the cake, it’s also waterproof.

Good Light Output

Its light output is also up to the mark. This light will be an ideal option if you plan to ride after dusk. Its beam is wide, well-focused, and pleasing to the eyes. 

Long-Lasting Battery

Another benefit to buying this bike light is that it has a long battery. Unlike many other bike lights, its battery won’t die out even on long rides.

Best Budget Bike Lights


One thing to bear in mind is that you can get more lighting modes in this price range. Four lighting modes are good, but some companies offer even more. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great bike light. 


Velmia bike lights set is our recommendation for best budget bike lights. It has got an amazing specs sheet that makes it an ideal bike light in all conditions. It’s durable too and you can use it for a long time.

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